Eldora Mountain Resort Creative

MAY 2013

In the Advertising A2B Certificate Program at CU Boulder, our group was assigned to make a creative advertising campaign that increased Eldora Mountain Resort's college pass sales by 5%.

To leverage Eldora's USP of a purely uncomplicated, uncluttered experience on the mountain, we focused our creative on our slogan - "For the Love of It".

We planned experiential campus events, created flyers and posters, and concepted interesting new media for students.

I was responsible for the concept and Photoshop mockup of our mobile app, Eldora Slope Sounds. College students use applications on their phones as alarms for the morning and for relaxing sounds when they are going to sleep in the evening. No other app mimics that relaxing sounds you can find on a ski slope, so we thought this media would be the perfect way to keep Eldora in students' mindsets while giving them a useful tool they will use daily. Each sound comes from a different part of Eldora's mountain, and to showcase the annoyance of driving to resorts that are farther away, we made the morning alarm the sounds of Boulder Canyon. 

To remind students when the mountain opens, we have a countdown to opening day on the lower left. 

Leeds Valentine's Day Social Media Campaign


As the Social Media Assistant at the Leeds School of Business, it was my job to create concepts and graphics for fun and engaging online content that aligned with the schools initiatives. For Valentine's Day, I created a set of sharable Valentines that were themed for our school's various programs, clubs, certificates, and majors.

This album was very successful and had a high virality rate of 80% on the day of its release. Virality means “the percentage of people who have created a story from the page post out of the total number of unique people who have seen it.” 

We also asked students to share with us why they love Leeds at a table we set up in the building. We discovered that students love seeing tagged pictures of their friends on the page. It starts a conversation with the undergrads and draws them to our content. Here are a few that we posted:

Overall, the whole campaign was very successful. Leeds' likes, reach, and people talking about the page steadily increased since the content was posted.

Aerie by American Eagle Valentines Day


As a campus representative for Aerie by American Eagle in 2012, I created this video as a way to support our Valentine's events on campus.